I'm more than happy to recommend James Schaffner, a caring a careful trainer. He always begins by listening, and in that way finds out what his clients need--and makes sure to deliver. Though he's a young man in terrific shape, he had no trouble with someone like me, in my 60s and with a spotty sense of physical conditioning. He helped tremendously with my core, my balance, and my overall well-being. You too, whatever sort of body you've got, can count on James to make it stronger, more flexible, and just plain better.

John D.


I had the pleasure of training with James and the experience was a life changer. Being in my late 40s at the time, I wanted to focus on the right way to exercise at my age. James helped me exercise the correct way, and more important to me, he provided context as to the "why" I should do a particular exercise, and "why" I should do it in a particular order. He listened to my goals and then personalized workout routines to help me meet those goals. Along the way, I met a life-long friend. If you've ever wanted to improve your body and mind, James will take you there.

Mason D.